Versability Business Analytics System

Versability engaged Marathon Consulting to analyze its current spreadsheet-based people tracking and reporting application and design a system to replace it. The original Business Analytics System (BAS) was a collection of spreadsheets that departments used (one per department) to track membership and various details about people and enrollment. The spreadsheets were rich in statistical information and displayed charts containing information useful for annual and operational reporting.


Marathon developed a web application to replace the person and department tracking aspects of the spreadsheet-based system. The web application provided screens for entering and updating person information, including disabilities, referral, and funding sources, and a list of person-related properties of unique interest to organizations like Versability. The application also allowed support staff to “enroll” people into the several departments, add them to wait list, etc.


  • Data integrity and accuracy was greatly improved by moving from using spreadsheets to using a database system.
  • Data was centralized to a single source instead of using multiple versions of shared spreadsheets.
  • The new application was available through a web browser and could be accessed at any time.
  • Custom security was implemented to grant specific user roles elevated access while limiting other user roles.
  • Data reporting was made much more efficient through automated reports that could be executed by the click of a button instead of manually developing a spreadsheet-based report.
  • Auditing was implemented to track specifics on when data was changed and by which user.